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Mischievous Love (Loki Laevatein x Reader part 1)
A (fur color)* fox ran through the halls of the Forbidden academy created by Zeus for the gods. The gods, though not pleased, had begun to accept the fact they were trapped in the school until they learned how to love humans. However, they were not expecting a new student to enter a week after them. The girl was to be introduced as (First Name) (Last Name) as a messenger to the gods, someone who traveled between the human world and the world of the gods far above the clouds.
The fox stopped, looking both ways before rounding a corner and dashing past a red head and his blond companion, both turning to each other before looking to where the fox was running down the hall way towards Zeus’ throne room.
(Name) stopped when she reached the door, looking around to make sure no one was watching before she shifted her appearance from her fox form, one she used to get around faster, to her human form, a girl with (hair length), (hair color) hair and sparkling (eye color) irises that put g
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 51 23
Kitty Love (Makoto Hanamiya x Reader)
The basketball team for Kirisaki Daiichi had two distinct details that separated them from everyone else. One was their style of playing; a very dirty, underhanded way of working to win by any means necessary. The other was that the coach, the captain and one of the Crownless Generals, had two rules: no one was allowed to mess with what was his and they had to follow every order he gave out. Other than that they were free to do what they wanted so long as they followed his rules.
(Name) on the other hand, a student at Kirisaki Daiichi and childhood friend of Makoto Hanamiya, was the exception to both those rules She messed with Hanamiya’s stuff on a daily basis, mostly decorating his locker with silly little sticky notes wishing him a good luck in his game or wishing him a happy birthday, when it was such a day. She also hung similar post it notes on the other players’ lockers. After all, being the girlfriend to Hanamiya Makoto, she wasn’t just any girl, she was the b
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 208 10
Bruises (Kiyoshi Teppei x Reader)
Bruises – Kiyoshi x Reader
You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Why would he continue to play even with his injuries? You were watching Seirin play against Kirisaki Daīchi High for the second time for a spot in the Winter Cup and you were almost in tears. You were currently sitting beside your classmate and friend Ryota Kise, and the two of you were cheering for Seirin High. What he didn’t know, however, was that you were dating the center, Kiyoshi Teppei.
It had started after the interhigh preliminaries when you were watching your grade school friend, Kuroko, playing in the Winter Cup preliminaries. You had gone to congratulate the team while Kaijo got ready to play. You smiled when Kiyoshi patted Kuroko’s back a little too forcefully and the two of you ended up laughing about it later on over milkshakes when you had asked Kuroko about the new player.
After that, you, and sometimes Kise, had been attending Seirin’s matches, watching
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 184 11
Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Kise x Reader)
Chocolate Covered Strawberries -- Kise x Reader
“(Name)-cchi!” a loud voice called you cheerfully as the blonde model ran toward you.
“Ohayō Kise-kun.” You greeted quietly as you looked up at the taller male who was grinning down at you.
“(Name)-cchi have you ever made chocolate covered strawberries?” he asked suddenly, confusing you greatly as you tilted your head to the side.
“No?” You answered with a questioning tone to your usually quiet voice.
“Good! I want you to come over after school and help me make some!” he smiled widely which made your cheeks turn a bit red from a mix of happiness and shyness, since you weren’t used to your crush asking you to come over. Your cheeks turned an even brighter shade of red with the blonde’s next statement. “Oh! You can spend the night too! It’ll be a sleepover!” he grinned childishly before he bounded off towards the Kaijo High doors to get to his cla
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 109 12
Lost Memories Green x Reader ch. 5
(Name) shook her head. “If I did, I don’t really remember much about the encounter.” She spoke softly. “But if it is a Pokémon that can take away a person’s memory…I guess that wouldn’t be surprising.” She said as she looked up at the two “We should get going if we hope to make it to Mount Coronet before sunset.” She said softly as she stood to head out towards the treacherous mountain.
Red and Green shared a look of understanding before they followed her out. Whatever happened to her memories definitely had something to do with this Pokémon, Darkrai. The two boys made a silent agreement: no matter the cost, they were going to get (Name)’s memories back.

It took a long time for the trio to get to the base of the mountain, especially with a blizzard rapidly approaching. When they had arrived, the mountains looked
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 15 23
Green x reader Lost Memories (ch. 4)
Juniper sighed on the other land. “Darkrai…I have no idea why he would be so against her…but I hope those three will be okay.” She said as her assistant’s voice called from the other room. “I have to go. Be sure to give my best to your family!” she smiled as she walked away from the screen, the line going dead.
(Name), Green and Red arrived in Unova few days after they had left. Red had, for some odd reason, managed to get sick over the course of the couple day ship ride. Green hadn’t let him live it down as they made their way to Jubilife to meet up with both Professor Juniper and Professor Rowan.
“Glad you three could make it!” Professor Juniper chirped. She was currently researching the legendary lake trio with Rowan’s help.
“P-Professor Juniper?” (Name) asked in shock. “What are you doing here? I thought you were helping with your fat
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 12 19
Luna (Fairy Tail OC)
Information of Character
Name (last, first): Phoenix
Nickname: Just goes by Luna
Age: unknown (appears to be about 18)
Birthday (if known): Unknown
Gender: female
Species: Celestial Spirit
Sexual Orientation: Male
About Him/Her
Personality: Cheerful, easily angered, cunning
Good Habits: Sees the best in people
Bad Habits: Jumps into battle without thinking
Strengths in battle: Speed
Weaknesses in battle: doesn’t strategize
Likes:  The exceeds, her friends at Sabertooth, Fairy Tail mages
Dislikes: Quatro Cerberus mages and Alcohol
Hobbies: Playing with Lector and Frosch
Dreams: To be able to stay in Earthland with her crush (whom you’ll see later)
Life Story: Luna originally belonged to an owner who, much like angel, abused his control over her and often ended up leaving her for dead with her sister to take care of her. She spent most of her life protecting Marina (draco) and will not, under any circumstances, allow her sister to be hurt, even at the c
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 3 3
Fairy Tail OC Template
Information of Character
Name (last, first):
Birthday (if known):
Sexual Orientation:
About Him/Her
Good Habits:
Bad Habits:
Strengths in battle:
Weaknesses in battle:
Life Story:
Fairy Tail Information
Type of magic (caster/holder):
If caster:
Dragon Slayer (if yes, what element):
Dragon that raised OC:
If no, other (ie: god slayer, molder, memory make, etc..):
If holder (what type Ie: keys, ring magic, guns magic, etc..):
Guild Affiliations
Member of a guild:
If so, which one:
Guild mark location:
Guild Rank (S-class, master, normal):
Favorite type of missions:
Team name (if OC is part of a team):
Family and Friends
Best Friends:
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks:
Blood Type:
Hair Style:
Appearance (picture or not):
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 523 172
Sting x OC Courtesy Call songfic
It had been years, seven in total, since anyone had seen the Fairy Tail mages that were lost on the Tenroujima Island. One mage, a former member of the guild, had never given up hope that they would return. Her name was Luna. The girl had met Natsu on her way to Magnolia and found him fascinating. However, when word came around that he and the others had disappeared she had left the guild to find them on her own.
Hey-o here comes the danger up in this club
When we get started and we ain't gonna stop
We gonna turn it out till it gets too hot
Everybody sing, Hey-O
Tell'em turn it up till they can't no more
Let’s get this thing shakin like a disco ball
This is your last warning, a courtesy call
Hey-O, here comes the danger up in this club
When we get started and we ain't gonna stop
We gonna turn it out till it gets too hot
Everybody sing, Hey-O
Tell'em turn it up till they can't no more
Let’s get this thing shakin like a disco ball
This is your last warning, a courtesy cal
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Green x reader Lost Memories (ch. 3)
“No way. (Name) couldn’t forget us, we’re best friends.” He said harshly. Emerald eyes met red and for a moment Green thought that maybe Red was right. Maybe the girl really had forgotten about them. A part of him wanted to believe that maybe that wasn’t really (Name) and that it was, in fact, the wrong person. The two nodded and headed off towards Viridian, unbeknownst to them that they were being watched by a dark Pokémon, a Pokémon only spoken of in legends and nightmares.

(Name) ran towards Pallet Town, sticking towards the forest areas just in case those two boys showed up. When she finally made it to Pallet she ran straight for the lab, hoping against all odds that she wouldn’t bump into someone. Just as she was nearing the lab two, distinct, male voices sounded from behind her.
“(Name)!” Green called as he ran towards her, pulling the female into a hug before immediately letting go and
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 10 11
A spark of love--Volkner x reader (part 2: Final)
A/N: These are the Pokémon I have chosen for the beloved Reader-chan for the tournament
-Zoroark   -Umbreon   -Houndoom   -Hydredgion   -Serperior   -Dragonair
After a long boat ride and a day's journey walking, (Name) and Volkner had arrived at the tag team tournament location. (Name), being the Unova league champion, had to go to take care of the opening day. She waved goodbye and ran off to help with the preparations for the tournament. By the end of the day, the tournament was all set; the judges had been chosen, the different regions champions and their eighth gym leaders were set and ready to go. The morning of the tournament, the rules were to be read by (Name) and the games could begin.
To say (Name) was nervous that morning was an understatement. She shook her head, (h/c) hair falling into her eyes as she blew it back before putting her hair up in a ponytail. The small black Pokémon by her feet, Umbreon, barked happily. Her Pok
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 44 58
A Spark of Love -- Volkner x reader (part 1)
A Spark of Love—Volkner x Reader
Author’s note: It’ll be in two parts. This is part one. Next part will be up soon! Sorry for the wait. This is for a friend who requested I do a Volkner x Reader. Hope you like it!!
Several years had gone by since Volkner had seen (Name). He, the girl, and Flint had been good friends growing up. He trained electric types, Flint trained fire and (Name) trained (Fav. Type).  The three had practically lived together. However, when (Name) announced that she was going to Unova to stay with family and become the champion. He had kept track of her and the two had kept in close contact.
One day, however, the two just stopped communicating. Volkner had sent her a letter with a Starly, but she never responded. A few weeks had gone by, and still no response by the girl. Volkner had done everything to find her again. He searched the news, called Flint to t
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 68 10
Green x reader - Lost Memories (chapter 2)
"You should! we used to be best friends (Name); you, me, and Green." Red said standing next to Green with worried red eyes. The two males stared at her for a long while before she stood, shaking her head quickly and backing up from them.
"I'm s-sorry. You have the wrong person!" she said quickly, turning around and running back outside before either boy could stop her.

The girl ran until she reached the outskirts of the Viridian Forest. She slowed down and looked back, making sure she had lost the two males before she leaned against a tree and slid down the trunk to a sitting position on the ground. She sat with her knees pulled up to her chest, tears sliding silently down her cheeks as she thought back to the two males. She didn't know why she was crying, all she knew was there had to be a connection between her dreams and the two boys sudden appearance.
The female suddenly felt like someone had shot her, the feeling of being unable to breathe hitting her like a t
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 30 69
Mature content
Pokemon Ruby x Reader Grand Festival :iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 127 70
Green x reader - Lost Memories (chapter 1)
"Red! Green!" A young girl yelled as she ran towards her two friends. One had brown hair and eyes that shone like emeralds, the other had black hair and eyes that were a dark red. The girl's name was (First Name) (Last Name), a new trainer and the best friend of Red, the black haired one, and Green, the brunette. The three had been friends since childhood and now they were going to go their separate ways.
Now young little (Name) was moving to a new region, the region of Sinnoh, with her parents who were to be working there, for what or whom the girl did not know. (Name) always had sparkling (E/C) eyes and (H/L) (H/C), but this time her hair was messy and in a ponytail and her eyes had a dull shine with tears brimming around them as she ran and hugged her two friends.
"(N-Name)?" Green questioned looking down at her as he squirmed out of the hug, not the type to like seeing girls cry, especially not one of his best friends. Red looked down at her with a silent stare, wondering the s
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 38 19
Ember Avalon (oban star racers OC) by kitsunekirara Ember Avalon (oban star racers OC) :iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 1 0


Million Dollar Man by Heruine Million Dollar Man :iconheruine:Heruine 222 27 Go FETCH! by Rona67 Go FETCH! :iconrona67:Rona67 124 41 [doodle] Comfort Zone by SirMei [doodle] Comfort Zone :iconsirmei:SirMei 394 91 [Comic] I was never Welcome. by SirMei [Comic] I was never Welcome. :iconsirmei:SirMei 1,745 571 It's our turn... by Reyos-Cheney It's our turn... :iconreyos-cheney:Reyos-Cheney 148 7 Goodbye... friends by Reyos-Cheney Goodbye... friends :iconreyos-cheney:Reyos-Cheney 134 5 Little Kids by Reyos-Cheney Little Kids :iconreyos-cheney:Reyos-Cheney 176 13 Jackal by Reyos-Cheney Jackal :iconreyos-cheney:Reyos-Cheney 263 43 Rogue and Frosch by Reyos-Cheney Rogue and Frosch :iconreyos-cheney:Reyos-Cheney 226 29 Don't be afraid. Come to me... - Future Rogue by Reyos-Cheney Don't be afraid. Come to me... - Future Rogue :iconreyos-cheney:Reyos-Cheney 252 35
My One and Only
Akashi, Seijuro X Reader [Oneshot]
He was always right, wasn't he?
His words were absolute, right?
So then why wasn't his plan rendered as he had envisioned it? His slightly wide eyes stare up at the woman who he was pouring his heart to, listening to her stumble on her words. Your throat was unable to produce proper sentences, but Akashi understood your response clearly.
You finally composed yourself, taking his hands and carefully closed the red, velvet box. You helped him stand from his kneeling position, still holding tightly onto his hands. You got on your toes, pecking his lips lightly.
"I love you, Sei-kun. I really, really do, but I-I don't think I'm ready yet for marriage. It doesn't mean I don't want to be with you! I really do! And like I said before I honestly love you but, I...don't think I'm ready..."
Akashi could not comprehend the situation. Why was this so difficult? Did he miscalculate something? He had taken you to Japan's number one botanical garden and th
:icon2n31:2n31 230 62
RinHaru - It's alright by Pleionne RinHaru - It's alright :iconpleionne:Pleionne 149 8 Yada yada Matsuoka Rin by Nanahii Yada yada Matsuoka Rin :iconnanahii:Nanahii 672 40 KuroBasu:Kise by kuryuki KuroBasu:Kise :iconkuryuki:kuryuki 153 23 Q202 by nisotatsu Q202 :iconnisotatsu:nisotatsu 679 17 RED by nisotatsu RED :iconnisotatsu:nisotatsu 1,867 52



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